About Us

Who We Are

CreativeTrance Company Limited is composed of a team of dedicated and creative young Kenyans, who aim to change the Information Technology world.

We give our clients more than the expected output as we customize everything to fit their needs. We believe in growing with our clients and that’s why we have the policy of ‘once a client, Always a partner’.

Being Innovative is our thing because we believe each new day presents millions  of new opportunities to discover untapped ideas.

We are highly skilled in

Search Engine Optimization
Graphic Design

..and our core values

We are devoted to moral and ethical principles in our daily undertakings

We are dedicated to making our business relationship with you friendly and at the same time formal.

We strive to be different in the way we deliver our services and at the same time giving out the best there is

We believe in being answerable whenever the need arises.

We have a culture of coordinating our efforts for a common cause as this has proven to bear fruits.